Download various Health forms

Health forms for downloading.Health forms.

Below one can download various health forms for having one’s dog tested at the vet for disorders / traits.

The vet must fill out and sign the form also with a stamp. Database users can upload these forms into the database for their specific dog(s).
Go to My Account / Dogs in ownership and choose your dog. Go to health and upload the forms. The BI admins will update the result(s).

New is the form for the teeth, the Dental Card. It’s not (yet) mandatory but very important. If you have to visit the vet any way let the vet check the teeth. Do not use sedation for ONLY checking the teeth.

Labo Tests Download form Tests by a vet Download form
Epilepsy Epilepsy (848 downloads) Hyperplasia/Prolaps Hyperplasia (841 downloads)
Cryptorchisme/Testikels/Hoden Cryptorchisme (669 downloads)
Eyes/Ogen/Augen | En-Ectropion En-Ectripion (481 downloads)
Teeth/Tanden/Zähne Dental Card (703 downloads)
Last modified: 26-7-2017
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